Talent Direct Agency Florida
1489 West Palmetto Park Rd, #434
Boca Raton, FL 33486
Call: 561-409-4034
Fax: 561-409-8648


Bianka Krausch
Email: bianka@talentdirect.com

Sabine Dibbern
Film & Theatrical Agent
Email: sabine@talentdirect.com

Jamie Kravitz
Commercial & Print Agent
Email: jamie@talentdirect.com

Peggy O'Connor
Web Manager
Email: web@talentdirect.com

Gaphna Mayard
Office Manager
Email: gaphna@talentdirect.com

Social Media 
Email: social@talentdirect.com



Talent Direct Agency Georgia
115 East Main Street
Buford, GA 30518
Call: 404-341-9501


Carol Shaginaw
Email: carol@talentdirect.com

‚ÄčNew talent are seen by appointment only.

In our Florida office we have a studio for selftaping. 
Please call 561-409-4034 for more information.

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